NXP EdgeReady MCU-Based Solution for Face Recognition with Liveness Detection

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Block Diagram

Homekit SDK Block Diagram

Example block diagram of HomeKit over Thread solution based on NXP K32W061 or K32W041 microcontrollers (MCU)


S32K-ISELED Evaluation Path:

  • ISELED-ADK (Application Development Kit) features:
    • S32K144EVB
    • 1 x IISELED power adaptor board
    • 1 x 16-LED bar (contains ISELED LEDs from Dominant Opto Technologies)
  • Order it From Newark® or From Farnell® (operates as Newark in North America)

S32K-ISELED Production Path:

  • Select S32K1 MCU ISELED-enabled parts in the Buy section. They include the license for evaluation and production phases with full functionality.

Buy Options


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  • FS32K144ULT0VLLT

  • S32K144 Arm Cortex-M4F, 112 MHz, 512 Kb Flash, ISELED, FlexIO, CSEc security, LQFP100 - S32K MCUs for General-Purpose.


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  • FS32K146UIT0VLLT

  • S32K146 Arm Cortex-M4F, 112 MHz, 1Mb Flash, ISELED, FlexIO, LQFP100 - S32K MCUs for General-Purpose.

  • $3.99USD
  • For a quantity of 10K
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