Quad Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (QUART)

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Product Details

Block Diagram


 SC28C94A1A Block Diagram


Key Features

  • New low overhead interrupt control
  • All commercial parts meet industrial timing and temperature parameters
  • Four Philips Semiconductors industry-standard UARTs
  • Eight byte receive FIFO and eight byte transmit FIFO for each UART
  • Parity, framing, and overrun error detection
  • False start bit detection
  • Line break detection and generation
  • Programmable channel mode: normal (full-duplex), automatic echo, local loop back, remote loopback
  • Programmable interrupt priorities
  • Identification of highest priority interrupt
  • Global interrupt register set provides data from interrupting channel
  • Vectored interrupts with programmable vector format
  • IACKN and programmable DTACKN signals
  • Built-in baud rate generator with choice of 18 rates
  • Four I/O pins per UART for modem controls, clocks, etc.
  • Power down mode
  • High-speed CMOS technology
  • 52-pin PLCC package
  • Commercial and industrial temperature ranges available
  • On-chip crystal oscillator
  • TTL compatible
  • Single +5 V power supply with low power mode
  • Two multifunction programmable 16-bit counter/timers
  • 1MHz 16x mode operation
  • 10ns data bus release time
  • "Watch Dog" timer for each receiver

Programmable Data Format

  • 5 to 8 data bits plus parity
  • Odd, even, no parity or force parity
  • 1, 1.5 or 2 stop bits programmable in 1/16-bit increments

Baud Rate for the Receiver and Transmitter Selectable

  • 23 fixed rates: 50 to 230.4K baud; Non-standard rates to 1.0 M baud
  • User-defined rates from the programmable counter/timer associated with each of two blocks
  • External 1x or 16x clock

Part numbers include: SC28C94A1A.


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