S12XHZ Scalable Instrument Clusters Microcontrollers (MCUs) with CAN

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Block Diagram

S12XHZ Microcontroller Block Diagram

S12XHZ Microcontroller Block Diagram


Key Features

  • XGATE coprocessor capable for building virtual peripherals and boosting overall performance
  • TFT display software driver capability using the XGATE
  • Up to six gauges/motor high-current outputs

Additional Features

  • S12X CPU @ 40 MHz bus speed
  • LCD driver 32 frontplanes and four backplanes
  • Pulse-width modulator motor controller with 24 high-current drivers
  • Six stepper stall detectors (SSD)
  • Low-power/low-noise Pierce oscillator
  • Non-multiplexed external bus interface (EBI)
  • Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) 16-channel 12-bit resolution and 3μs conversion time
  • Enhance capture timer (ECT)
  • Periodic interrupt timer (PIT)
  • CAN 2.0A/B modules (MSCAN)
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • Serial communication interface (SCI)
  • Inter-IC module (IIC)
  • Background debug module (BDM) debugger (xDBG)
  • On-chip voltage regulator

Part numbers include: MC9S12XHZ256CAG, MC9S12XHZ256CAL, MC9S12XHZ256VAG, MC9S12XHZ512CAG, MC9S12XHZ512CAL, S912XHZ256F1CAG, S912XHZ256F1MAG, S912XHZ256F1VAG, S912XHZ256F1VAL, S912XHZ384F1CAG, S912XHZ384F1VAG, S912XHZ384F1VAL, S912XHZ512F1CAG, S912XHZ512F1MAG, S912XHZ512F1VAG, S912XHZ512F1VAL.


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