Archived MET and Root LDMOS Models for Agilent's ADS v2003.0304

The following LDMOS Model Library releases have been archived and are available only from this page.
When using these libraries be advised that Application Support is not available for archived versions of LDMOS Model Libraries.

The MET LDMOS model library is now implemented as a design kit for ADS v2003c. The MET model is also implemented as a dynamically-linked (PC) or shared-object (UNIX) library file for simulation purposes. It is available for the following computer platforms: Microsoft®  Windows®  2000, Windows NT®  4.0 and Windows XP, Solaris®  2.7, 2.8, 2.9 and HP-UX®  11.0, 11.11.

Products that were part of the Root Model Library will continue to be supported only with Root models and only within Agilent®  EEsof ®  ADS®  v2003c (UNIX and PC). New products will be supported with MET and Root models. Models for a key product from each product family will be developed first. Ultimately, all new products will be supported with LDMOS MET and Root models.

Note: The Root model is an Agilent EEsof's proprietary model. It is a table based model and does not account for self-heating effects. The Root model is available in Agilent EEsof ADS only.

 LDMOS Model Library Files

The following table contains all the necessary LDMOS Model Library files for ADS v2003c. Release 2004.0304 replaces the previous LDMOS Model Library files (release 2003.1003). Since, the library is now implemented as a Design Kit within ADS, only the one zip file below is needed for all of the computer platforms listed above. Also, this library release is a major departure from previous releases and it is suggested that you download and read the Release Notes and Installation instructions document. This document also contains information on how to use the customer example project below and known problems with the MET LDMOS Model Library in ADS.

Note: The dynamically-linked (PC) or shared-object (UNIX) library files are compiled for ADS version v2003c and are NOT compatible with previous ADS releases. Make sure ADS v2003c is properly installed before installing the design kit.

File Description Download File
ADS v2003c Library Release Notes and Installation Instructions Release Notes and Installation Instructions
(PDF Format)
LDMOS Models Design Kit
  (2,301 Kb)
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Agilent ADS v2003c Example Project for UNIX and PC    Agilent ADS v2003c Example Project (Zip format)
  (1,087 Kb)
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