JCOP® Pay – Full Solution for Payment Cards and Devices

In a world of connected things, an increasing number of contactless applications and a constant flow of security attacks, there is an urgent demand for solutions that harmonize security, flexibility, and convenience. NXP’s JCOP Pay provides a solution that leverages a multitude of payment use cases to fit consumer needs.

With more than half a billion devices already deployed in the field, JCOP Pay has proven to be the go-to solution for payment card applications. Its versatile application range allows support for contact, contactless and dual communication interfaces. At the same time, JCOP Pay sets benchmark-standards in the industry with excellent transaction time.

JCOP Pay complements the SmartMX® family and offers both EMVCo and Common Criteria® certification, enabling customers to develop functionality for a reliable and seamless experience. As a highly flexible solution, JCOP Pay reduces the time-to-market and implementation cost while offering customization through a complete range of certified applets, both global and market specific.

JCOP Pay supports convergence and offers convenience to end-customers by bringing together identification, transport and payment solutions through MIFARE® DESFire® implementation on the EMV® payment chip.