DEMOJM: Flexis JM Demonstration Board



Kit Contains

  • DEMOJM base board
  • JM60 and JM128 daughter card with 64LQFP package chip solder
  • DVD- Getting started with the Flexis JM MCU series
  • USB examples featuring the complimentary USB-LITE stack by CMX
  • USB A-to-B cable
  • Mini-AB USB kit
  • Vacuum pick-up pen
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Lab documents
  • NXP warranty card

Supported Devices

  • MCF51JM: Flexis 32-bit V1 ColdFire USB Microcontroller
  • S08JM: 8-bit USB Cost-Effective JM MCUs
  • TSSMCU: Touch-Sensing for MCUs