Evaluation Baseboard for TJA11xx PHYs

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Block Diagram


TJA11xx-EVB Block Diagram

Supported Devices


Automotive Ethernet PHYs


General Specifications

  • Includes supply line connections on board
  • Evaluation of hardware pinstrapping options on the expansion board
  • LEDs to indicate supply status and PHY signals
  • Several supply options can be configured - with external supplies, all possible options can be evaluated
  • All signals accessible via pinheaders
  • CMOS xMII interface accessible via pinheader
  • SGMII interface accessible via SFP cage
  • JTAG connection accessible
  • SMI accessible in several different modes including via USB


  • 100BASE-T1 or 1000BASE-T1 automotive ethernet
  • The entire board can powered via USB
  • SMI access via USB is possible. Software support is provided in the form of a GUI-tool and a python API
  • SMI+xMII pinheaders are placed in such a way that 2 boards can be connected back-to-back
  • All serial interfaces supported by the sabre specification are accessible via USB (SPI, I²C, SMI)
  • Unused pins on the USB-to-GPIO IC are brought to pinheaders and can be used for custom functions
  • Supplies routed to the sabre daughter expansion can be switched via enable signals

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  • Evaluation Baseboard for TJA11xx PHYs.

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  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    TJA11xx Linux driver for IEEE 802.3 Clause 45 managed PHYs

  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    XJA11XX Ethernet Phy Real Time Drivers AUTOSAR 4.4 (ISO26262) License

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