MC9S12HY64 Demonstration Board


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Product Details

Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

16-Bit S12 and S12X MCUs



  • 64K Bytes Flash
  • 4K Bytes Data Flash
  • 4K Bytes RAM
  • Integrated 4x40 LCD Driver
  • Integrated 8-Ch Stepper Motor Controller
  • 32MHz Maximum Bus Frequency
  • Internal Oscillator

Power Management

  • Optional Power from USB-BDM or MCU_PORT connector
  • On-board +5V regulator
  • Power input from USB-BDM
  • Power input from onboard regulator
  • Power input from Connector J1
  • Optional Power output through Connector J1


On-Board 4x40 Custom LCD Glass

User Components

  • 5 Push Switches; 4 User, 1 Reset
  • 6 LED Indicators; 4 User, +5V, USB
  • 5K ohm POT w /LP Filter
  • High-Speed CAN Physical Layer Transceiver
  • Enhanced LIN Physical Layer Transceiver
  • RS-232 Serial Data Physical Layer Transceiver
  • Integrated P&E USB-BDM
  • BDM_PORT header for external BDM cable support
  • 40-pin MCU I/O Pin Header
  • 2.0 mm Barrel Connector
  • BDM_PORT Connector for External BDM Cable
  • USB Connector
  • DB9 Connector
  • 4.2 mm, 1x4 Molex CAN Cable Connector
  • 4.2 mm, 2x2 Molex LIN Cable Connector

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