Smart Battery Management for Mobile Robotics


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Block Diagram

RDDRONE-BMS772 Block Diagram

RDDRONE-BMS772 Block Diagram

Supported Devices


Connected NFC Tags

Processors and Microcontrollers

S32K Auto General-Purpose MCUs

Power Management

System Basis Chips

Battery Cell Controllers



  • Supports 3-6 cell batteries, with stack voltage ranging from 6 V to 26 V.


  • Performs accurate battery stack and cell voltage measurements as well as accurate battery charge or discharge current measurements, up to 90 A DC.

Cell balancing

  • Operates cell balancing during charging.

Low power modes

  • Offers a deep sleep mode (for transportation and storage) with very low leakage current, as well as an automatic sleep mode with low current consumption on the battery.


  • Allows diagnostics to verify the safe operation of the battery.


  • Two CAN connectors are available on the board. The board is also compatible with UAVCAN to work with PX4 flight controllers.


  • An I2C interface is implemented on the board and can also be used as an SMBus.
  • An external OLED display connected via I2C is provided with RDDRONE-BMS772 kit from rev. 4.0.

NTAG 5 boost

  • The new NTAG 5 boost is embedded on the RDDRONE-BMS772 board. It also allows the user to acquire data and configure the board through NFC.

PCB antenna

  • An NFC antenna is built on the PCB. It allows short-range NFC communication with a smartphone.

External antenna

  • For extended-range NFC communication, it is possible to install an additional coil as a replacement for the PCB antenna.


  • The brand new A1007 Secure Authenticator allows you to build a secure anti-tamper system using elliptic curve cryptography.
  • Secure flags and counters can be used for cycle counts and under-voltage over temperature permanent flagging.


  • Both SWD and JTAG debugging interfaces are available on the RDDRONE-BMS772 design. They work with standard J-Link as well as other debuggers.


  • DCD-LZ is a combined debug console interface for use with PX4 DroneCode and HoverGames platforms.


  • Automotive grade (AEC-Q100 qualified), 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4F-based MCU
  • 512 KB Flash, 64 K SRAM, 80 MHz @ RUN mode (112 MHz @ HSRUN mode), -40 oC to +105 oC / +125 oC, 48/64/100 LQFP, 100 MAPBGA
  • ISO CAN FD, CSEc hardware security, ASIL-B ISO26262 functional safety, ultra-low power performance

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