S08/RS08 Tower System Module


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    Swappable MCU daughter cards that can be plugged into main module (TWR-S08UNIV). Initial offering:

  • TWR-RS08DC-KA8
  • TWR-S08DC-AC60
  • TWR-S08DC-QD4
  • TWR-S08DC-QE64
  • TWR-S08DC-QG8
  • TWR-S08DC-SH8

Power Management

  • Each 5 V MCU daughter card with option to select between 3 V and 5 V setting, which will control the system voltage on the main Tower System module

Tools and OS Support

    Software included to enable engineers to bring up sample CodeWarrior® projects that can contain:

  • Sample code for the TPM, analog-to-digital, internal clock set-up, etc
  • Sample code for different serial protocols, IIC, SPI, UART, and sensor TWRPI initialization
  • Tower® System module (TWR-S08UNIV) is usable in either standalone mode or connected to the Tower System, but is only functional in combination with one of the daughter cards mentioned below
  • Each daughter card has a unique ID associated with the MCU on the daughter card

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  • Tower System, 8-bit MCU Module, S08, RS08, Universal Module with 6 Swappable Daughter Cards.

  • $40.25 USD
  • For a quantity of 1
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