Embedded SW: Multiple Switch Detection Interface Software Driver


  • Multiple Switch Detection Interface SW Driver
    • Setting and reading device registers
    • Initializing device with custom register values
    • Reading the state of switches
    • Reading fault status
    • Setting AMUX channel
    • Entering and leaving the low-power mode
    • Resetting the device
    • Obtaining Fault status and INTflg flags from SPI transfers
  • S32 Design Studio for Arm® example project
    • Example project for CD1020 and S32K144 evaluation boards

Supported Devices

  • CD1020: Low-Cost 22-CH Multiple Switch Detect Interface
  • CD1030: 33-Channel Multiple Switch Detection Interface with Programmable Current
  • MC33978: 22 I/O MSDI Programmable Current Analog Mux
  • MC34978: Switch Detection Interface, 22 I/Os, Programmable Wetting Current, Temp Sensor, 3.3 V / 5.0 V SPI


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