The NXP MQX File System (MFS) is an embedded FAT file system compatible with Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS file systems. It can format, read, write and exchange files with any operating systems running a FAT-12, FAT-16 or FAT-32 files system. It is fully re-entrant and uses the NXP MQX RTOS file device driver to access disk devices. Also, included with the NXP MQX RTOS is a Trivial File System (TFS) that can be used in HTTP applications requiring a simple read-only file system. MFS is integrated with the FTP server of the NXP Real-Time TCP/IP Communication Suite (RTCS) and the Mass Storage Class Driver of the USB Host Stack.

Designed for Embedded Applications

  • Provides full MS-DOS compatible file system that is configurable enough to fit into small memory requirements of embedded systems
  • Brings support for desktop PC features such as long file names, multiple disk volumes, and directory handling to embedded systems

Portability and Modularity

  • The MFS provides a portable, compatible implementation of the MS-DOS file system and library of file-system functions
  • File-system functions are separated from the device-driver functions allowing for increased modularity
  • Used for all types of storage medium


  • File system compatible with an MS-DOS file system
  • Supports reading, writing, and formatting of any MS-DOS media
  • Supports disk-space reservation
  • Supports long filenames and multiple disk volumes
  • Guarantees application tasks mutually exclusive access to the file system
  • Supports block-and-record-level error detection and recovery
  • Supports partitions
  • Supports various removable media like USB flash disks, SD-cards, PC-cards, etc.
  • Can be programmed into ROM
Product Description
MQX v5 Software SolutionsMQX v5 is a continuation of the MQX Classic product available under low-cost commercial licensing terms.
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)The IPv6 extension for MQX Real Time Communication Suite (RTCS) is an optional IPv6 add-on for MQX RTCS.