MQX™ USB Host/Device Stack

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a plug-and-play protocol widely used in embedded devices, ranging from set-top boxes, printers, web and digital cameras to modems, speakers, zip drives, industrial control devices, card readers and cable/DSL modems. Because of its flexibility, simplicity, speed and low-cost, USB connectivity has moved from the PC world to the embedded market. There has been an explosion of plug-and-play, consumer friendly USB peripherals that has resulted in making USB a standard requirement for embedded device products.

NXP provides USB Host/Device software stack as well as USB Class Drivers and implementations designed to speed products to market with advanced USB connectivity. The stack is provided with complete source code, example drivers and documentation. It was designed for integration with the NXP MQX RTOS and is a great way to jump-start USB product development.

Key Benefits


  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
  • Supports Control, Bulk, and Interrupt transfers
  • Supports low-speed (1.5 Mb/s), full Speed (12Mb/s) and high speed (480 Mb/s) operation
  • Includes device drivers for on-chip device controllers
  • Provides a full range of example USB Class implementation
  • Includes full source code
  • Tightly integrated with the NXP MQX RTOS and MQX File System (MFS)

MQX USB Host/Device Stack

MQX USB Host/Device Stack
Product Description
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