High Throughput , Low CPU load Application Solutions Kit Software for Gateway/Embedded Router.

NXP offers below, a vertically integrated, extensively tested, power, and performance optimized, Linux®-based OpenWRT application solutions kit (ASK) to customers inclined to build multiple SKU and multiple market network products, such as embedded routers or programmable L3 switches based on the LS1012A, LS1043A, and LS1046A communications processors.

The ASK, a ready to brand/skin embedded router applications stack has many millions of copies deployed in the market.

Since the field-hardened ASK software has many generations of learning cycles, it is feature-rich and well tested with 1000’s and 1000’s of lines of test code supporting the wide field deployment.

These OpenWRT based ASK software packages significantly shorten embedded networking device software design cycle and achieve quicker time to market since embedded designers and network software designers can focus on differentiating features since the NXP ASK software provides a trustworthy embedded networking router platform. This makes the design cycle efficient without compromising on quality or features.

What you need to know about the NXP ASK embedded networking router software

  • Custom packet accelerator code and API, tuned to work with OpenWRT
    • Routine packet operations nearly 100% handled by hardware providing wire-speed or line-rate throughputs
    • Latencies are near pure hardware speeds – something that can never be accomplished simply by adding more CPUs
    • Use standard Linux networking tables!
    • Free up as much as 95% of Arm CPU cycles for value-added applications
    • Write ONCE to OpenWRT API and create a scalable product line simply by selecting different NXP Layerscape processors.
    • See the table below for the lightning fast features
  • Entire software stack tested extensively
    • 100s and 100s of custom-written network tests
    • Every release tested with LINE RATE (per each Layerscape CPU’s specs) production test traffic
    • Continuous improvement methodology
  • High skill NXP networking development team
    • Customer’s have NXP create software customizations regularly, including specialty programming of NXP accelerators
    • Offload to hardware nonstandard protocols
  • WiFi center of excellence
    • NXP has optimized drivers for dozens and dozens of popular WiFi modules
    • NXP can “short circuit” WiFi packets going into Linux user space in and out of the hardware managed packet engine – often called the fast-path or packet fast-path.

This turn-key software stack optimally leverages the packet accelerators within the LS1 processor family and delivers wire-speed performance with less than 5% load on the Arm® core.

OEM, ODMs, and embedded routers and switches can benefit from the free CPU by adding more value-added services without the need of introducing expensive redundant hardware, thereby reducing system costs and potential attack points for hackers.

These Application Solutions Kits, coupled with the NXP Layerscape LS1012A, LS1043A, and LS1046A processors, offer a highly optimized, feature-rich network stack and scalable platform that will help OEM/ODMs meet the demanding needs of next-generation consumer or enterprise networks reliably and efficiently targeting key markets such as Internet of things, service provider and consumer networking applications.

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NXP ASK embedded networking software:

This chart show standard networking features that run at hardware speeds due to leveraging accelerators. Follow the feature line to the SoC column to determine if a feature can use the onboard hardware.

If you need a networking feature to run at hardware speeds, or a specialty protocol, make sure you ask NXP as NXP is adding new capability to these ASK packages all the time.

Here is a list of the REST of the features that are supported and tested by NXP in the ASK: