Layerscape 1012A Broadband Home Router Application Solutions Kit


LS1012A Broadband Home Router Application Solutions Kit

LS1012A Broadband Home Router Application Solutions Kit


  • Leverages LS1012A specialty hardware for networking
    • Programmable packet forwarding engine (PFE)
      • Delivers 2 Gbps performance and
      • provides flexibility to offload current and future bandwidth-demanding applicationsprotocols
    • Programmable and pipelined cryptography system (think IPSEC)
      • Pipelined with the PFE
      • Seamless use IPSEC and VPN with security
      • LS1012A achieves entropy without external assistance – True secure system with complete root of trust.
  • Hardened OpenWRT distribution
    • More than six years of rigorous field tests and millions of deployments
    • Experienced team working on OpenWRT – you get “more than just software”
  • Flexible and Optimized Software Architecture
    • Easy to port and integrate third-party software stacks. Significantly reduces software design cycle
    • Industry standard HTML/GUI interface from OpenWRT
    • Command line interface (CLI) to interface your higher level control stacks into the NXP system.
  • Pre-Compiled BSPs for Hardware Reference EVM
    • Suitable for applications software development
    • Suitable for t and ASK performance benchmarking
  • Support for Emerging Technologies
    • 802.11ac, NAS, LTE, Zigbee, Zwave

Supported Devices

  • LS1012A: Layerscape® 1012A Low Power Processor


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  • Libraries

    ASK Loadable binaries for LS1012A - BHR

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