Vigiles Quick Start Education Program



Module 1: Know what is in your software with SBOM generation

Vigiles includes Software Composition Analysis (SCA) capabilities optimized for embedded system software.

We will show you how to use these features to generate an SBOM that inventories the third-party components in your software.

Module 2: Integrate security into your SDLC for better vulnerability management

Vigiles is designed to make security simple to manage in your Software Development Lifecycle processes. You will learn:

  • How Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE) records are reported in Vigiles.
  • How to read a CVE report specific to your SBOM and navigate to the details.
  • Steps for CVE triage and prioritization using Vigiles
  • How to set up a workflow integrating security maintenance into your development, test and maintenance process.
  • Efficient vulnerability management and mitigation using Vigiles.

Module 3: Advanced Vulnerability Mitigation

Experienced Vigiles users can simplify and accelerate vulnerability management and mitigation using the services' most advanced featured.

This module provides in-depth instruction on remediation using fix suggestions, Linux kernel security maintenance, patch management, update management, advanced workflow integration and other mitigation techniques.