Partner Engineering Services for Automotive Processors and Microcontrollers

NXP offers engineering support and services to help accelerate customer designs using automotive processors and microcontroller, including boards or hardware tools, software solutions and training.

Partner Services

Our partners deliver specific software and hardware technologies for NXP products in any design phase. Their expertise in NXP products allows us to provide highly optimized software, development boards and reference designs.

  • Enable quick booting using bootloader optimization
  • Board support package (BSP) customization
  • Customized drivers, complex device drivers (CDD)
  • Application migration from existing device to target platform
  • Stack/protocol implementation (CAN/LIN/ETH)
  • Ethernet routing switch and PHY configuration and optimization
  • Board schematic and layout reviews
  • Hardware design consultancy
  • Functional safety consultancy
  • System development and certification preparations
  • QNX support
  • Training on NXP automotive MCUs and MPUs
  • For additional information contact support or your sales representative.