S08D Evaluation Board


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Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

8-Bit S08 MCUs



  • Supports the NXP® S08DZ 8-bit CAN family of MCUs


  • BDM connector
  • Four header connections with all MCU signals
  • 12 V DC barrel input connector (2.1 mm)
  • Two banana input connectors (12 V DC and GND)
  • Series of jumpers to connect/disconnect the above controls
  • Outputs section containing 10 LEDS and relative jumpers
  • CAN section that has CAN connector with two CAN transceivers (high speed and single wire) with series of jumpers to select the CAN physical layer
  • LIN section with LIN connectors and LIN enable jumper and a "WAKE" push button
  • RS-232 section with two RS-232 connectors
  • Serial settings section containing two jumpers to select which transceiver is connected to microcontroller's shared TXD1 and RXD1 serial lines
  • Clock module, crystal oscillator, and connector for providing an external clock source
  • Built-in "USB to BDM Interface"
  • Prototype area

User Components

  • Power on/off switch
  • Reset push button
  • Four additional push buttons
  • Two potentiometers
  • Eight dip-switches

Buy Options

  • EVB9S08DZ128

  • Evaluation Board for the S08DZ128, push buttons, 2 potentiometers, 8 DIP switches, prototype area.

  • $285.00 USD
  • For a quantity of 1
  • EVB9S08DZ60

  • Evaluation Board for the S08DZ60, push buttons, 2 potentiometers, 8 DIP switches, prototype area.

  • $242.25 USD
  • For a quantity of 1
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  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    EVB9S08DZ60 Schematics

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    EVB9S08DZ60/128 Schematic and Bill of Material