Embedded SW: Battery Cell Controller Software Driver for MC33771B/MC33772B


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Software Driver for MC33771B/MC33772B

Software Driver for MC33771B/MC33772B


  • Battery Cell Controller SW Driver
    • Setting Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and Twisted-Pair Line (TPL) communication modes
    • Measuring voltage, current and temperature
    • Handling Faults
    • Implementing diagnostics
    • Cell balancing
    • Accessing fuse mirror and (optional) EEPROM
  • S32 Design Studio for Arm® example projects
    • Measurement and diagnostics example
    • FreeMASTER example

Supported Devices

  • MC33771B: 14-Channel Li-Ion Battery Cell Controller IC
  • MC33772B: 6-Channel Li-Ion Battery Cell Controller IC
  • MC33664: Isolated Network High-Speed Transceiver


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  • Examples and Quick Start Software

    BCC SW Driver package for MC33771B/MC33772B (Lite version)

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