Low IF Tuner High Performance One-Chip

Product Details


General Features

  • Alignment free digital receiver including tuner and software-defined radio processing
  • Command based high-level user interface combining high control flexibility with ease of control
  • Read information with device and tuning status, reception quality and RDS data
  • FM receiver with a tuning range of 65 MHz to 108 MHz covering Eastern Europe (OIRT), Japan, Europe and US bands
  • AM receiver covering LW, MW and full SW
  • Fully integrated tuning system with low phase noise and fast tuning
  • FM LNA with AGC
  • State-of-the art FM Improved Multipath Suppression
  • FM Channel Equalization
  • Soft Mute on Modulation
  • Stereo High Blend
  • FM mixer for frequency conversion to a low IF complex signal (AM SW)
  • AM LNA with AGC, matching active and passive antenna applications
  • AM mixer for frequency conversion to a low IF complex signal
  • High dynamic range Sigma Delta IF ADC
  • Digital IF signal processing including decimation, shift to baseband, AGC control, I/Q correction, variable IF bandwidth filtering (PACS) and demodulation
  • FM stereo decoding
  • TEF6688 baseband I²S output supporting HD Radio and DRM1 with external digital radio coprocessor (SAF356X or SAF360X)
  • Blending function for HD Radio reception (TEF6688)
  • AM and FM noise blanking, Signal quality detection and weak signal processing
  • Advanced RDS and RBDS demodulation and decoding
  • MPX output supporting DARC demodulator
  • One I2S input and one I²S output
  • Two mono audio DACs
  • Single 3.3 V supply voltage
  • Fast mode I2C-bus (400 kHz)
  • Configurable GPIO pins for RDS, Quality Status Interrupt and generic I2C-bus controlled I/O
  • Qualified in accordance with AEC-Q100

Target Applications

  • The TEF668X is a single tuner AM/FM receiver for automotive applications and supports analog AM/FM and HD/DRM reception (HD/DRM is supported in TEF6688 only).
  • Additionally, due to a common technology platform, the TEF668X can be combined with TEF701X, SAF775X and SAF360X for optimal system application through common crystal oscillator sharing.

Part numbers include: TEF6686HN, TEF6688HN.


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