Digital Global Standard Low IF Demodulator for Analog TV and FM Radio


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Product Details


  • Digital IF demodulation for all analog TV standards worldwide (M/N, B/G/H, D/K, I, L and L-accent standard)
  • Multistandard true synchronous demodulation with active carrier regeneration
  • Alignment-free
  • 16 MHz typical reference frequency input (from low IF tuner) or operating as crystal oscillator
  • Internal PLL synthesizer which allows the use of a low-cost crystal (typically 16 MHz)
  • Especially suited for the NXP Silicon Tuner TDA1827x
  • No SAW filter needed
  • Low application effort and external component count in combination with the TDA1827x
  • Simple upgrade of TDA8295 possible
  • 12-bit low power IF ADC on chip running with 54 MHz or 27 MHz
  • Two 10-bit DACs on chip for CVBS and SSIF or audio
  • Easy programming for I²C-bus
  • High flexibility due to various I²C-bus programming registers
  • I²C-bus interface and I²C-bus feed-through for tuner programming
  • Four I²C-bus addresses selectable via two external pins
  • Gated IF AGC acting on black level by using H/V PLL or peak IF AGC (I²C-bus selectable)
  • Internal digital logarithmic IF AGC amplifier with up to 48 dB gain and 68 dB control range
  • Peak search tuner IF AGC for optimal adaptive drive of the IF ADC
  • Switchable IF PLL and IF AGC loop bandwidths
  • Precise AFC and lock detector
  • Accurate group delay equalization for all standards
  • Very robust IF demodulator coping with adverse field conditions
  • Wide PLL pull-in range up to ±1660 kHz (I²C-bus selectable)
  • CVBS and SSIF or audio output with simple postfilter (capacitor only)
  • CVBS gain levelling stage to provide nearly constant signal amplitude during over modulation
  • Video equalizer with eight settings
  • Nyquist filter in video baseband
  • Excellent video S/N (typically 60 dB weighted)
  • High selectivity video low-pass filter for all standards
  • Low video into sound crosstalk
  • Sound performance comparable to QSS single reference concepts
  • AM/FM mono sound demodulator
  • Switchable de-emphasis
  • Excellent FM sound
  • Good AM sound
  • High FM Deviation mode for China
  • Preprocessing of FM radio (mono and stereo) with highly selective digital band-pass filter
  • No ceramic filter or external components needed for FM radio
  • FM radio available in mono
  • Automatic or forced mute for mono sound
  • Automatic or forced blank for video
  • Mostly digital FIR filter implementation (NSC notches and video low-pass filters)
  • Three GPIO pins
  • Power-On Reset (POR) block for reliable power-up behavior
  • Very low total power dissipation (typically 150 mW)
  • No power sequence requirement
  • Standby mode (typically 5 mW)
  • 40-pin HVQFN package
  • CMOS technology (0.090 μm 1.2 V and 3.3 V)

Target Applications

  • TV applications
  • Recording
  • PC TV applications

Part numbers include: TDA8296HN.


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