Migrate contactless systems to the next security level using NXP’s MIFARE Plus ICs. It offers the benefit of a seamless upgrade of existing MIFARE Classic® product-based installations and services with minimum effort. This results in the possibility to issue smart cards, being backward compatible with MIFARE Classic, into existing system environments prior to infrastructure security upgrades. After the security upgrade, the MIFARE Plus products use AES security for authentication, data integrity, and encryption that is based on open, global standards. The latest addition to the MIFARE Plus family is the MIFARE Plus EV1 contactless IC, offering an enhanced feature set on the highest security level.


This evolution of MIFARE Plus includes an expanded feature set that enables over-the-air services and selective upgrades of security-relevant applications. MIFARE Plus EV1 offers enhanced features on the highest security level—scalable, flexible, and future-proof.


MIFARE Plus X represents the expert version of the MIFARE Plus product family. It brings your existing system up to benchmark AES security with Common Criteria Certification EAL4+.


MIFARE Plus SE solutions offer an entry-level version derived from the MIFARE Plus product family. At a comparable price range as the traditional MIFARE Classic with 1K memory, these products can provide our customers with a seamless upgrade path to benchmark security within existing budgets.

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