Retailers and brand owners can be more responsive and make better decisions with real-time information about the location of products—in the distribution center, in the stockroom, on the shelf, in a fitting room, or being purchased. Our UCODE RAIN RFID provides all this data with fast, accurate, and low-cost tracking of just about any item. Built into smart labels, UCODE RAIN RFID delivers high-speed operation in supply-chain and logistics applications. They provide higher anti-collision rates that improve accuracy, higher sensitivity to extend read range, and wider frequency range (with EPCglobal compliance) to support worldwide use.

Additional to the UCODE long-range contactless performance, the UCODE DNA adds a cutting-edge cryptographic security implementation for tag authentication.

Innovative functionality

UCODE DNA implements all the mandatory commands of GS1 UHF RFID Gen2 v2.0, along with the following optional commands: Access, Authenticate, BlockPermalock, BlockWrite, ReadBuffer, and Untraceable.

AES authentication and privacy: UCODE DNA supports up to two 128-bit AES authentication keys. They are stored in the tag IC’s securely guarded internal memory and can be preprogrammed and locked by us or inserted by the user. These cryptographic keys can be used for tag authentication or for privacy protection.

Trust Provisioning: To simplify development while strengthening the security of end applications, we offer a Trust Provisioning service, which results in a UCODE DNA product that is ready to use as shipped. Our unique service includes generating master passwords for Kill and Access, deriving individual Kill and Access passwords for each tag, and inserting these passwords into the tag. We also generate AES master keys, deriving all unique and tag-specific keys and then inserting them into the tag.