In-Vehicle Network

Check out NXP®’s extensive portfolio for all your interface and connectivity needs. Our devices include broadband communication ICs, transceivers and fail-safe SBCs for automotive, video SERDES, and many more, such as extensive solutions for the ubiquitous connectivity standards of UART, SPI, HDMI and I2C.

CAN Transceivers and Controllers

NXP®’s broad CAN and CAN FD portfolios cover all CAN functions and power modes, supporting bit rates up to 5 Mbit/s, with excellent EMC performance, leading quality and a multi-sourced industrial base.

FlexRay Transceivers

NXP offers highly robust, best-in-class FlexRay node transceivers and active star couplers with a gap-free specification, enhanced diagnosis, low-power management and different wake-up scenarios.

LIN Transceivers

NXP’s LIN portfolio includes a versatile range of single, dual and quad LIN transceivers with dedicated feature sets, as well as a complete set of LIN mini System Basis Chips enabling scalable, cost-effective, space optimized and customizable LIN ECU designs.

LIN, ISO9141, J1850 Physical Interfaces

These SMARTMOS® devices provide physical interface support for the J1850 and ISO9141 communication protocols.


NXP Automotive Ethernet portfolio leverages the unmatched company expertise on safety, security and true automotive focus, offering our customers high-quality and highly reliable solutions including PHY and switch products.

System Basis Chip

Our System Basis Chip (SBC) family featuring SMARTMOS technology supports linear voltage regulation, controlled through an SPI interface. They possess various power saving modes such as standby, sleep, stop and other features such as wakeup, and watchdog timer.

Automotive ICs and system solutions

Automotive ICs and system solutions

Driving new car innovations through the Distribution channel.

Everything you need in a CAN transceiver

Everything you need in a CAN transceiver

NXP MantisTM CAN transceivers for 12 V automotive applications.

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Connecting the In-Car Experience

Connected mobility will bring more safety, more convenience, and customized entertainment while on the road.