Software-defined-radio Technology

Tune in one

Broadcasting digital radio, V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) and car-radar information is now a reality, and with it comes an increasing number of standards worldwide. NXP® is working to provide software-driven ICs that support multiple global standards using the same system application. This is possible thanks to the rapidly evolving capabilities of digital electronics and our software-defined radio (SDR) platform.

RF-CMOS SDR enables us to realize multiple radio standards through tightly coupled RF frontend and baseband software. Traditionally, support was only possible for each specific radio standard through expensive hardware implementations. The space, energy and cost savings offered by application specific SDR concepts are considerable, in addition to the flexibility and performance which can support multiple standards.

One Solution, Multiple Applications

Due to a common platform architecture approach, implementing several radio products for multiple markets with an optimum balance of cost and performance has become a reality through SDR. The benefits offered by SDR include low cost of ownership for tier-1s and OEMs, and reduced time-to-market for new standards. It also reduces logistical support and operating expenditures when adding new features to existing infrastructures. In addition, SDR ensures easy adaptation to regional variations via software download, and over-the-air (OTA) upgrades for quick and cost effective updates while the radio is still in service.

Multi-standard SDR is the ideal answer to the boom in radio and wireless connectivity capabilities. And NXP®, with its solid RF-CMOS know-how, guarantees the unique combination of maximized flexibility and system integration, while ensuring the highest level of performance.

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