Our complete LCD driver portfolio includes segment, character and graphics display drivers. They offer ideal solutions for driving vertical alignment (VA) LCDs with high-contrast and a wide viewing angle. They also support touch-sensitive LCDs in combination with a capacitive touch controller to implement touch buttons on the display enhancing the human machine interface (HMI). These LCD display drivers work with I2C and SPI interfaces for applications such as: car instrument cluster, car control indicator, healthcare devices or elevator displays.

The standalone LCD display drivers bring high-reliability and low-power consumption to a broad range of applications. They require few external components for operation, operate over a wide temperature range, support a wide range of supply voltages and integrate vital interfaces. They are available in several different packages and delivery forms to support various assembly technologies and can be used along with our RGB LED controller for LED backlighting.

Our portfolio includes segment, character and graphics display drivers. Our segment display drivers can drive a various number of segments per device. That means more information can be displayed at a lower cost. For automotive applications, we even have options that are AEC-Q100 compliant, ensuring reliable operation under the harshest conditions. Our character display drivers can be configured to drive almost any character set, including Japanese, and support a large number of icons.