Development with NXP digital signal controllers (DSCs) is supported by a wide range of boards and tools from NXP and partners to simplify every stage of product evaluation, prototyping and end-product development. Tools include evaluation boards, debuggers, programmers and software help to exceed customer designs to production.

Get to know DSC ecosystem partners below.


Xeltek has developed and manufactured universal Parallel, ISP, production and Automated Programmers since 1991. Universal programmers and adapters from the SuperPro® line cover programming demands from engineering development to automated volume production at competitive prices; universal socket adapters support various package types such as PLCC, SOIC, SOP, TSOP, QFP, SDIP and uBGA. Contact Xeltek to learn about new release of faster programmers that meet new performance expectation for both parallel and in-system (LabVIEW interface) programming technology.


PEmicro is an industry trendsetter in hardware and software development tools for NXP and Arm® Cortex® microcontrollers. We take pride in our commitment to providing professional, low-cost development tools and prompt, knowledgeable customer support. PEmicro was founded in Boston and incorporated in 1982. Early on we developed and marketed the first general-purpose EPROM programmer, and we've since continued to innovate embedded systems tools with cutting-edge features, such as our popular Cyclone production programmers.