2300-2400 MHz, 13.8 W Avg., 48 V Airfast® RF Power GaN Transistor

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RF Performance Table

2300 MHz

Typical Doherty Single−Carrier W−CDMA Reference Circuit Performance: VDD = 48 Vdc, IDQA = 50 mA, VGSB = –4.7 Vdc, Pout = 13.8 W Avg., Input Signal PAR = 9.9 dB @ 0.01% Probability on CCDF. (1)
Frequency Gps
Output PAR
2300 MHz16.356.68.5-29.1
2350 MHz16.156.58.6-30.8
2400 MHz16.256.38.8-32.4
1. All data measured in reference circuit with device soldered to printed circuit board.


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