1.8/1.9 GHz Application Notes


ID and Description Vendor ID Format Size K Rev # Date Last Modified
AN1643 — RF LDMOS Power Modules for GSM Base Station Application: Optimum Biasing Current - Application Note   NXP   pdf   88   0   1/31/1998  
AN1908 — AN1908 - Solder Reflow Attach Method for High Power RF Devices in Air Cavity Packages   NXP   pdf   649   1   2/24/2011  
AN1923 — Mounting Method with Mechanical Fasteners for the MRF19090 and Similar Packages Application Note   NXP   pdf   466   0   4/10/2001  
AN1938 — Sensitivity of High Power RF Transistors to Source and Output Loads Application Note   NXP   pdf   253   1   12/03/2001