NXP provides a broad portfolio of magneto-resistive sensors for applications ranging from speed sensing and angle sensing for automotive applications to magnetic anomaly detection and E-compass navigation applications for IoT, Consumer, Medical and Industrial Applications.

Accuracy, reliability, high resolution and low power makes NXP’s magnetic sensors suitable for applications demanding high accuracy and low power solutions. NXP also provides an award winning magnetic hard iron/soft iron calibration routines with its sensor fusion library, ensuring high compass heading accuracy.

Products Product Highlights Target Applications
Angular Position Sensors for Automotive
AMR Sensors with Analog Linear or Sine/Cosine Voltage Output
Outstanding Accuracy of ±1% over full temperature range and lifetime.

Robust against parametric degradation over lifetime (insensitive to aging of magnet).
Electric Throttle Control (ETC).

Electric Gas Recirculation (EGR).

BLDC motor commutation.

Steering Angle Sensor (SAS).

Elec. Power Steering(EPS).

Door Control.

Wiper Control
Rotational Speed Sensors for Automotive
AMR Sensors with Current Pulse or Digital Protocol Output
Ferrite magnets instead of rare earth magnets.

Best in class jitter performance.

High air gap range.
Braking (e.g. ABS (active/passive encoders), ESP)
Magnetometers for IoT/Industrial/Medical Applications
3-axis magnetometer
Low Power.

High Sensivity.
Tamper Detection.

Medical Devices.

Connected Home.

Factory Automation.

Reliable Security Application.
Combo Sensors for IoT/Industrial/Medical Applications
6-axis magnetometer and accelerometer
Low Power
Small Size
High Sensivity
Fast Response time
Tamper Detection
Activity Monitoring
Connected Home
Connected Portables
Factory Automation
Reliable Security Application

What's New


STB-CE v2.0 is now Available

Providing ‘Out of Box’ Sensor Demonstration and Evaluation of NXP’s Motion and Pressure sensors targeted towards IoT, Medical and Industrial applications.


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Automotive Magnetic Sensors

The Automotive Magnetic Sensors demo will showcase the use of Rotational Wheel Speed Sensors for car.