NXP supplies a very large pressure sensor portfolio containing a wide variety of pressure ranges, diverse packaging and porting options. MEMS-based pressure sensors provide robust solutions for the appliance, medical, consumer, industrial and automotive markets.

New applications for NXP pressure sensors emerge every day as engineers and designers realize that they can convert their expensive mechanical pressure sensors to Our lower-cost, semiconductor-based devices. High sensitivity and excellent long-term repeatability make NXP pressure sensors suitable for the most demanding, high performance applications.

Products Interface Target Applications Automotive
Barometric Pressure 15 to 115 kPa
Calibrated, Temperature compensated, and Amplified
SPI, I2C, Analog Altimeter


Medical Inhaler

Industrial Controls

Engine Control

Weather station
LPG and CNG Gas 15 to 400 kPa
Calibrated, Temperature compensated and Amplified
Analog Engine Control

Industrial Controls
Differential/Gauge up to 10 kPa
Accurate Analog Output Signal
Analog Medical Ventilator

Hospital beds

Smart beds

Process control

Oxygen generator

Industrial Controls

White goods

Industrial controls

Differential/Gauge up to 115 kPa
Accurate Analog Output Signal
Analog Blood Pressure

Patient Monitoring

Industrial Controls

Pump/Motor Control

Pressure switching
Differential/Gauge up to 1000 kPa
Accurate Analog Output Signal
Analog Industrial Controls

Pump/Motor Control

Pressure Switching
Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors
Low-power Consumption
GPIO, RF, LF Tire pressure monitoring systems

Ultra low-power wireless sensing

Measures pressure typical for heavy duty vehicles

Measures dual-axis acceleration

Measures temperature

Measures battery voltage

Bi-directional communication
Vacuum Sensors –50 to –115 kPa
Medical Applications of all Kinds
Analog Industrial Controls

Pressure Switching

Vacuum Control

Medical Ventilator

What's New


Semicon Europa 2017

Join NXP at Semicon Europa in Munich. On November 15 learn about MEMS sensors for automotive safety, on November 16 learn how sensor frameworks enable efficient development from smart shoes to connected sports balls.



Biomedical Precision pressure sensor.


FXTH87 TPMS Solution for Heavy Trucks

Our FXTH87 tire pressure monitor sensor solution for heavy trucks integrates a pressure sensor, 8-bit MCU, RF transmitter and a dual axis accelerometer into a single package.