NXP offers a range of highly accurate and robust temperature sensors and voltage monitors for various automotive applications such as climate control, engine monitoring and thermal management.

High precision, long operating life and broad operation range make these sensors ideal for applications demanding high accuracy and robustness.

NXP’s broad portfolio of Touch Sensors and Capacitive Sensors transform the way humans interact with electronic systems. Applications range from intuitive human interfaces to developing switches for medical applications and for explosive environments.

Products Package Options Operating temperature (°C) Features
Capacitive Sensors
Low-Power Touch Sensors
TSSOP28 -40~85 Support for matrix arrangement of sensors, Sensing plates can be connected remotely
I2c Temperature Sensors
System Performance Optimization
SO8, TSSOP8 -55~125 Power supply range from 2.8 V to 5.5 V, I2C-bus interface with up to 8 devices on the same bus
Touch Sensors
Greater Design Freedom
QFN -55~105 Slide gesture detection for single touch, UART communication and I2C communication available
Silicon Temperature Sensors
Accuracy, Reliability, and Stability
SOT23 -55~150 High accuracy and reliability, Long-term stability

What's New


STB-CE v2.0 is now Available

Providing ‘Out of Box’ Sensor Demonstration and Evaluation of NXP’s Motion and Pressure sensors targeted towards IoT, Medical and Industrial applications.


ISF R2.1 Product Overview and Demo

ISF R2.1 Product Overview and Demo.