V2X technology allows vehicles to communicate with other cars, infrastructure and vulnerable road users to increase driver safety and smooth out the autonomous driving experience. The DSRC/802.11p version of V2X delivers minimum latency for real-time communication and an operating range that exceeds 1 mile, even in areas where cellular network connections are not available. DSRC also provides dedicated secure safety channel operation to enable the secure communication of safety messages and other data in real time, forming an essential part of the suite of autonomous driving sensors for today’s connected cars and trucks. V2X based on DSRC is also instrumental in truck platooning, a forerunner of future eco-friendly driving scenarios.

The NXP V2X system platform operates in the 5.9 GHz and 760 MHz bands and is compatible with global software protocols from all leading vendors, enabling a true global V2X solution. The platform meets and exceeds the current guidelines of the US DOT’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, as well as emerging standards in Europe, Japan and Korea.

Target Applications - Automotive

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