Run-time Software

The run-time software offerings cover operating system software, middleware (such as codecs, libraries and stacks) and reference applications – and include these featured solutions from NXP.


Analog Expert Software and Tools

Get started on your embedded software development with the extensive selection of software development tools from NXP and our partners.

Automotive Software and Tools

Automotive software tools, run-time software, and customization services are designed to simplify and shorten the time required to build ECUs based on NXP microcontrollers.

Intelligent Sensing Framework

Intelligent Sensing Framework software is comprehensive and robust with open APIs and sensor drivers simplifying the acquisition of sensor data.

Kinetis Developer Resources

All Kinetis™ MCUs are supported by a comprehensive NXP and third-party hardware and software enablement system which reduces development costs and time to market.

LifeVibes Speech and Sensing

Through our expertise, consumer insights and partnerships across the mobile eco-system, we enable exciting new use cases for tomorrow’s smart devices.

Linux Software and Development Tools

Linux Board Support Packages (BSPs) provide a comprehensive starting point for their Linux development efforts on a variety of platforms.

MQX Software Solutions

Accelerate your design success with a real-time operating system, TCP/IP and USB stacks provided by MQX™ RTOS.

PEG Software

NXP’s PEG™ Pro, PEG Plus and PEG Lite product offering includes a GUI library for embedded development that works elegantly with real-time operating systems.

Professional Services Software

NXP offers robust software products and technology optimized for NXP hardware platforms that help customers accelerate their time to production.

S32 Design Studio IDE

The S32 Design Studio IDE is a complimentary integrated development environment for Automotive and Ultra-Reliable Power Architecture® (e200 core) and Arm® based MCUs that enables editing, compiling and debugging of designs.

VortiQa Software

VortiQa software products are designed to reduce your time-to-market for building state-of-the-art networking and communications equipment.

i.MX Developer Resources

Take your designs to the next level, reduce your design complexity and accelerate your time to market with i.MX software and development solutions.

i.MX Software

Building your designs and getting to market quickly is easier with six market-focused development tools based on the i.MX 6 and i.MX 7 series processors.