The run-time software offerings cover operating system software, middleware (such as codecs, libraries and stacks) and reference applications – and include these featured solutions from NXP
PEG Software
  • Reduce product development risk
  • Lower in-house development costs
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce development time and costs
  • Rapid user interface development
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QorIQ Linux SDK
  • SMP Linux
  • Virtualization Architectures
  • VID support for T2080RDB
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VortiQa Software
  • Reduce your time-to-market
  • Building state-of-the-art networking
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Intelligent Sensing Framework
  • KDS
  • CodeWarrior
  • FXLC95000CL
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LifeVibes Speech & Sensing
  • Speech Solution
  • Sensing Solution
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Automotive Embedded Software and Tools

    Our automotive software tools, run-time software and customization services are designed to simplify and shorten the time required to build ECUs based on NXP microcontrollers

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Analog Expert Software and Tools

Embedded SW drivers for NXP® Analog Products are high-level software solutions built on the top of Kinetis SDK or Automotive SDK.

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i.MX 6 Series Software
  • Production-ready software
  • Optimized OS and BSPs
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Kinetis Motor Suite
  • Motor control development solution
  • Three software components for tuning, observing and managing motor control
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Kinetis Bootloader
  • Configurable flash programming utility
  • common bootloader for Kinetis MCUs
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Layerscape SDK
  • Modularized
  • Clean layering, separation
  • Fast updates
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MCUXpresso SDK
  • Production grade software
  • Open-source peripheral drivers
  • Pre-integrated RTOS, stacks, middleware
  • Reference software
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