Developer Resources

Take your design to the next level, reduce your design complexity and accelerate your time to market. Our resources will provide you with exactly what you need to build comprehensive solutions.

Product-Specific Resources

General Purpose Microcontrollers

Speed development and get to market faster with this collection of software and hardware resources optimized for use with NXP microcontrollers. Software application development made easy.


Hardware and software for multimedia and display applications to jump start your next design.


Make the move to multicore with a collection of software, tools, and tips to ease your migration to QorIQ multicore processors.


Explore a wide spectrum of sensor hardware and software to accelerate your design cycle.

Analog Products

Embedded high-level software solutions for NXP ® analog products built on the top of the Kinetis SDK or the Automotive SDK.


Small, low-power, cost-effective boards for quick prototyping and evaluation of the Kinetis MCU families and NXP sensors.

LPCXpresso Boards

Designed for simple, rapid prototyping and evaluation, these boards work with the MCUXpresso IDE or partner toolchains.


Experience a rapid prototyping platform with compact form factor, on-board MCUs, Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, sensors, OLED display, and battery.

Tools For Your Design Cycle

Get Started

User Guides

Get set-by-step instructions to start working with specific software suites or hardware evaluation tools.


Find detailed instructions on how to start using your tools.

Quick Reference Guides

Check out the most common processes to perform while using our tools to dive-in your development.

Product Brief

Find out the limitations and capabilities of the devices included in your design by reviewing the product brief.


Online Training

Delve into our online training catalog to get a deeper understanding of our products and software at your own pace.

Classroom Training

Immerse yourself in technical sessions with our experts and seize the opportunity to ask questions and get new product insights.

Partner Training

Expand your knowledge working with our certified training partners that offer tailored training opportunities around the world.

NXP Technology Days

NXP Technology Days provide live training to embedded engineers on a broad range of solutions offered in many locations near you.

Get Help

NXP Communities

Access thousands of deep technical questions with answers from our experts, proven partners, and an ecosystem of enthusiasts.

Support Requests

Get the support that you need through private tickets when you can't ask in the public communities.

NXP Professional Services

Increase your productivity and decrease your time-to-market with our software development services for embedded systems.

NXP Approved Engineering Consultants

Get help from trusted design contractors, software service providers, and training centers that offer experienced consulting to implement our technology solutions.

Developer Resources by Technology


Enable your design with NFC and connect it to hundreds of millions of smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics.


Add low-cost, low-power wireless control and monitoring solutions to your products by designing with the stack of tools available from NXP.


Connect your home and building designs to the cloud and to each other with our certified Thread stack and end-to-end platform.