Vigiles: SBOM Management and Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation Software


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Vulnerability monitoring with:

  • On-demand CVE reports
  • Automatic alerts for newly discovered CVEs in previously scanned software
  • Push notification of CVE summary report
  • CVE severity and status counts
  • CVE categorization
  • Build system support: Yocto, Buildroot, and Timesys Factory
  • Support for custom component lists (CSV format)
  • Desktop push of component list for Yocto
  • Track vulnerabilities for 1 component list


Starts at $9,900 / Year / 10 Developers

All Free package features and:

  • CVE Triage collaboration
  • Whitelisting
  • CVE filtering by CVSS score or attack vector
  • Push notification of CVE detailed report
  • Multiple format reports
  • Desktop pull and push reports for Yocto
  • Early CVE notification
  • Comparison of reports for new and changed CVEs
  • Track vulnerabilities for unlimited component lists


Starts at $14,900 / Year / 10 Developers

Plus package features and:

  • Fixed version notification for OSS
  • Reference links to available patches, mitigation, and exploits
  • Links to mainline Linux kernel fix commits
  • CVE filtering by kernel config
  • Access to free Vigiles Quick Start Education Program
  • NXP Pro Support can be added to any package for assistance with patch integration.

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BSP Maintenance Service

Offload the burden of BSP Lifecycle Maintenance to us Leveraging our expertise can help you reduce the overal cost of maintaining your emdedded device and keeping it secure.

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