Software-Defined Vehicle Infrastructure

Software is transforming the entire process of vehicle design, manufacturing, user experience, and upgrades, while also presenting intricate challenges. With our deep expertise and architecture knowledge, NXP is leading carmakers into the software-defined future. Our building blocks provide the underlying vehicle infrastructure for a new generation of future-proof vehicles.

Building the Essential Vehicle Infrastructure

Software and hardware systems must work in unison, safely and reliably across the entire vehicle throughout a lifetime of updates. NXP's software-defined vehicle driving platform enables these systems, bringing together real-time compute, networking and connectivity as well as propulsion and electrification solutions.

Enriches Vehicle Driving Experiences

Our infrastructure platform helps automakers advance real-time vehicle control, data intelligence, new features and revenue-generating services - from the edge to the cloud.

Scalable and Flexible for the Future

Scale across applications and adapt to any electronics architecture. Connected to the cloud with over-the-air updates, the car gets better over time.

Built on a Safe and Secure Foundation

From the ground up, we focus on security and safety, designing our products to meet the highest standards.

Building Blocks of the SDV Infrastructure

Our stable, secure long-lasting platform is designed to support the infrastructure that underpins every aspect of the vehicle operations, from ADAS to user interaction. And it's flexible to work in any architecture, from domain to zonal.

Building Blocks for SDV Architectures

Vehicle Computer

ASIL-D safety, hardware security, high-performance real-time and application processing and network acceleration.

Zonal Controllers

Hub for power distribution and data connection to actuators and sensors within a physical area.

In-Vehicle Networking

Safe and secure flexible backbone of Ethernet, CAN, LIN and FlexRay based distributed networking.

Connectivity Domain Controller

Secure car access, V2X, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® LE, UWB and cellular connectivity between the vehicle and the outside world.

Service-Oriented Gateway

High-performance and real-time processing, networking and bandwidth for handling in-vehicle services.


Interconnects and processes data across heterogeneous vehicle networks to and from functional domain.

Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA)

Update securely and seamlessly the vehicle ECU firmware in the background.

Data Logger

Data-driven intelligence from every vehicle source can evolve ADAS, EV range and new services.

Virtual Modelling, Digital Twin and Beyond

Virtual modelling means faster results. You can model, test and optimize your NXP automotive design virtually across teams. Do this before silicon* is available to bring new vehicles and features to market faster.

In the same development environment, a digital twin of the vehicle can help manage health and updates throughout the lifetime of the fleet.

Design Resources

Automotive Software Tools

It's software-first at NXP. As more complex software define functions of the vehicle, we continue to build up our robust software foundation. Code reuse, pre-integrated software and abstract layers up the software stack remove the need for tedious reiteration.

Automotive Partner Engineering Services

Complex vehicle architectures require tremendous software content and expertise. Count on our production- proven partners for highly optimized software, development boards and reference designs to drive innovation across every part of the design phase.

Software-Defined Vehicle Training

NXP and Partners Dedicated to Helping OEMs Drive Modern Vehicle Architectures. Get insights on emerging developments for software-defined vehicle architectures.