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This on-demand training will introduce the concept of "vehicle network processing" and explore how future vehicles will require a better performance and networking.

In this session, we will provide insights into the implementation of the Connected EV Management System based on the NXP GoldBox based on the S32G vehicle network processor for service-oriented gateways and the GreenBox based on the S32S for propulsion domain control, along with the key software and cloud technologies from AWS, and how they all work together to provide value propositions for connected EVs.

Explore the vehicle gateway market and new applications for vehicle network processing, including the S32G architecture, trends and key features.

Learn how SafeRide's VHM solutions simplify and automate the development of advanced neural networks on the S32G Vehicle Network Processor that provide early detection of malfunctions and help predict failures and identify the root cause of problems.

Explores how vehicle service-oriented gateways will play a pivotal role to redefine connected vehicles, help transform OEMs from carmakers into data-driven service providers and bring new user experiences and capabilities to consumers.

Learn how the complete Ethernet AVB/TSN networking stacks and the precertified ASIL D INTEGRITY real-time operating system can help create a high-performance software architecture meeting critical requirement for ECU safety, secure networking with low latency, determinism and guaranteed bandwidth.

This session will provide an overview of the product family and its transportation-centric use cases.

Explore how the S32G Vehicle Network Processor and the SJA1110 Multi-Gig, 10-port TSN Ethernet switch address challenges facing vehicle networking.