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Our Metropolitan Area Network Demonstration Kit utilizes the latest IPv6 Mesh technologies and enables the Smart City of the future. This kit was built around a Smart Objects modem and IPv6 stack from Nivis based on the Kinetis K60 and the MC12311 sub-GHz radio. In this demo the Power PC P1025 Tower board acts as a Data Concentrator/Edge Router, gathering information from several battery powered wireless Smart Object end nodes—all managed via a Nivis’s Network Manager Software.

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Processors (MPU)
i.MX28 Applications Processors: Integrated Power Management Unit (PMU), Arm9 Core ARM9®, single-core, 454 MHz, display, 10/100 ETH, CAN, PMU, <1W.
i.MX6S: i.MX 6Solo Processors – Single-Core, Multimedia, 3D Graphics, Arm® Cortex®-A9 Core ARM® Cortex™-A9, single-core, up to 1GHz, display, graphics, video, 10/100/1000 ETH, CAN, PCIe, PMU.
MPC8313E: Low-Power PowerQUICC® II Pro Processor with DDR2, PCI, 1 GB Ethernet, Security, USB PowerQUICC II Pro Processor.
MPC8308: Low-Power PowerQUICC® II Pro Processor with DDR2, eSDHC, PCI Express, eTSEC, USB, IEEE® 1588 Integrated communications processor at <1.23 Watt at 333 MHz (typical) for low-power, cost-sensitive applications.
QorIQ® P1021/12 Single- and Dual-Core Multi-Protocol Communications Processors Dual-core processor with QUICC Engine technology for serial protocol offload.
QorIQ® P2020 and P2010 Dual- and Single-Core Communications Processors Dual-core communications processor for multi-OS applications.