We are shocked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and deeply saddened by the suffering of its people. Our hearts are with those who remain to defend their country, the refugees seeking safety and everyone around the world with family, friends and ties to Ukraine. We are concerned for everyone in the region, including our NXP team members.

We stand firmly with the global community and with the people of Ukraine in calling for a swift return to human rights and peace.

NXP believes unequivocally in freedom, in the right of all people to self-determination, to live their lives with optimism for the future, to be free from war, free from persecution and free from hatred.

We suspended all shipments to and business with customers in Russia since the end of February 2022 and then ceased operations. We also suspended all shipments to and business with customers in Belarus since early March 2022.

NXP has made a donation to the United Nations Refugee Agency, also known as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), to aid and protect refugees from Ukraine. Since the outbreak of the crisis, NXP team members have provided support to the people of Ukraine by organizing, participating in, and contributing to various humanitarian relief efforts.

NXP complies with applicable export control and sanctions laws imposed by the countries where we operate. We do not conduct or support any business in or with embargoed nations including Russia, Iran and Belarus. We also fully support law enforcement efforts to shut down product diversion to embargoed nations.

Unfortunately, our efforts alone cannot prevent intentional product diversion, counterfeiting and misuse. The Semiconductor Industry Association has recently published an article  dissecting the matter, with detailed explanation on the challenges faced by the semiconductor industry as a whole in dealing with the illicit diversion of chips.