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Unleashing the Power of the Mighty M0+ LPC860 Microcontrollers

Unleashing the Power of the Mighty M0+ LPC860 Microcontrollers

Never before have engineers had so many microcontroller options to choose from. Whether a project is cost-sensitive, requires large processing power or needs to operate from batteries, there is a microcontroller for every application.

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TV’s ‘Tomorrow’s World Today’ - Highlights NXP’s Innovation in the Smart Home

See the future of smart home technology when you watch Tomorrow’s World Today, an innovation-inspired series on the Science and Discovery Channels.

Unlock New Possibilities with NXP NMH1000 Magnetic Switch

Our recently launched NMH1000 Magnetic Switch is designed to meet today’s market needs.

Good News for Embedded: Containers Now Available for 32-Bit Edge Devices

NXP together with MicroEJ now offers a software container to a complete range of NXP’s 32-bit hardware models including the i.MX RT500, i.MX 6 and more.

Getting the Most from 5G Networks with Compal’s 5G NR Integrated Small Cell (ISC) Solution

NXP and Compal worked together to deliver 5G solutions with the right balance, flexibility and compatibility for smart homes and smart cities.

It’s Vital to Show That Stereotypes Can Be Broken - Product Manager Discusses the Importance of DE&I

Since joining NXP in 2012 as a student employee, Sandra Hollerweger has filled several roles within the company, gaining wide-ranging experiences and exploring her interests along the way.

The New Era of MCUXpresso Starts Today with VS Code and Open-CMSIS-Packs

NXP releases MCUXpresso for Visual Studio Code, Open-CMSIS-Packs, and Application Code Hub in its updated suite of software and tools.

Arm®, RISC-V and the Balancing of Chip Licensing Power

The last several years have taught us that innovation, whether it’s in smart connected and electric vehicles, the rapid evolution of smart factories, or the migration to the autonomous home, will come from electronics.

NXP Continues to Advance UWB, Taking Accuracy to mm Level

A recent innovation promises to make ultra-wideband (UWB) ranging even more precise, delivering accuracy down to the millimeter level in everyday conditions.

U.S. Cyber Trust Mark: NXP is Ready For The Paradigm Shift With EdgeLock® Assurance Program

U.S. Cyber Trust Mark will generate standards to inform consumers about the cybersecurity merits of smart home products, which NXP continues to work to support.

NXP Smarter World Podcast

NXP Smarter World Podcast

Join us as we dive deep into the issues behind today's connected world and explore our scalable solutions for our digitally-enhanced environment.