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MCX W Is the New MCU to Connect More

MCX W Is the New MCU to Connect More

Building on the momentum of MCX N and MCX A series microcontrollers, we are announcing the wireless multiprotocol MCX W series.

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NXP Layerscape processors are enabling the growing non-terrestrial networking systems space by providing components for satellites and consumer terminals

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NXP and Tessolve launch a ready-to-deploy digital connected cluster (DCC) platform for two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicle manufacturers.

MCX W Is the New MCU to Connect More

The upcoming MCX W71 and MCX W72 enable industrial IoT applications, and the MCX W72 features Bluetooth Channel Sounding for proximity measurements

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NXP has announced the new S32N family of Vehicle Super-Integration Processors offering scalable combinations of safe, real-time and applications processing.

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eSIMs represent a fundamental change in the way connectivity is delivered – one less physical item to deal with, one less thing to think about when using a device, delivering an enhanced consumer experience to enable cellular connectivity seamlessly.

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EdgeLock 2GO service gives device OEMs a secure, simple, and flexible way to provision and manage device credentials, from manufacturing to deployment.

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Eliminating fragmentation in IoT cybersecurity will help manufacturers develop faster and more cost-effectively, and would make it easier for end users to buy and install the features they want.

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Learn more about NXP-enabled smart home technologies for the future.

Performance and Affordability: New 4D Imaging Radar Delivers Both

NXP and sinPro work together to create an automotive radar solution for entry-level imaging radar applications to solve ADAS pain points.

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