Spotlight on Software-Defined Vehicles

Accelerating Software-Defined Vehicles and Safety Processing with NXP S32G3 Processors

Accelerating Software-Defined Vehicles and Safety Processing with NXP S32G3 Processors

The S32G family of vehicle network processors just doubled in size with today's production launch of the S32G3 series offering up to 2.5x the performance, memory and networking bandwidth as the S32G2 series.

Spotlight on We Are NXP

5 Things We All Loved at CES 2023

5 Things We All Loved at CES 2023

For NXP, CES is an important show to understand where the industry is headed and to showcase how our cutting-edge technologies make the connected world better, safer, and more secure. Read on to learn my five takeaways from the show.

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Conservative Post-Quantum Security with FrodoKEM

Of the four winners, three use a security approach based on what’s termed “lattice-based cryptography,” which is a method that uses the mathematical concept of a lattice – a collection of regularly arranged points – to encrypt and decrypt data.

Unleashing the Power of the Mighty M0+ LPC860 Microcontrollers

The LPC860 integrates a 32-bit Arm® Cortex® M0+ CPU with a maximum clock frequency of 60MHZ, built-in nested interrupts, and a system tick timer for time tracking.

Exploring the Unknown: Meet Ritu Ratra, Senior Design Manager at NXP

Ritu Ratra is one of over 30,000 people at NXP who are developing breakthrough technologies to make the connected world better, safer and more secure.

Best of Both Worlds: Combining NFC and Qi for Wireless Charging in Cars

NFC and Qi wireless charging combine to improve user experience in cars. The NXP NCx3321 enables wireless communication and wireless charging.

Beyond the Partnership: How Altia and NXP Make Medical Devices Easier to Use for Both Caregivers and Patients

Altia and NXP partner to combine advanced GUI with applications processors and microcontrollers, including the i.MX, to improve healthcare and medical devices.

#iMX93 - Enabling the Edge

NXP i.MX 93 family, featuring dedicated NPU and EdgeLock Secure Enclave, enables edge computing and machine learning applications for IoT and industrial.

Securing Your Industrial Systems with IEC 62443

IEC 62443 is a set of standards providing a holistic, risk-based approach for cyber security, introduced to respond to the constantly increasing threat of cyberattacks in various institutions.

The i.MX 93 Family Gives You the Smart Edge

How can an estimated 75 billion smart connected devices in the world by 2030* be made more intelligent and energy efficient? One solution is i.MX 93 applications processors.

Flex Your Factory: 5G and Wireless Technologies Bring Greater Flexibility and Mobility to Smart Factories

5G Private Networks and wireless technologies bring greater flexibility into factories, enabling new applications and opportunities.

NXP Smarter World Podcast

NXP Smarter World Podcast

Join us as we dive deep into the issues behind today's connected world and explore our scalable solutions for our digitally-enhanced environment.