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The Significance of Extending the NXP S32 Automotive Platform with Real-Time Processors

The Significance of Extending the NXP S32 Automotive Platform with Real-Time Processors

NXP has just extended the S32 Automotive Platform by adding a new class of safe, real-time processors that offer the critical deterministic behavior of safe microcontrollers (MCUs), but with an unparalleled combination of gigahertz speed, multi-application isolation and memory expansion capabilities. Read more.

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Introducing Voice Intelligent Technology

Introducing Voice Intelligent Technology

From smart homes to automotive infotainment to smart factories, new and innovative use cases for voice control are rapidly emerging. Yet, implementing reliable, on-device voice control can be challenging for developers. NXP has introduced royalty-free voice intelligent technology software and online training tools to reduce the cost and complexity of adding voice to edge devices.

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Building the Bio-IoT

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NXP earns the prestigious King William I Award 2022, awarded for sustainable entrepreneurship and substantial contribution to people and society. Read more.

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In the 50 years since the rise of the first microcontrollers (MCUs), we’ve seen continuous advancements in MCU technologies as these highly integrated devices have become more powerful. Read more.

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Why Add an ISP and Machine Learning Acceleration to i.MX Applications Processors?

NXP likes to do things differently—to lead and innovate. We’ve being successfully supporting camera modules interfaces on i.MX applications processors. Read more.

From Motor Control to Motion Control – What Does It Take?

We’re well into the era of Industry 4.0 with more and more technologies being adopted for industrial automation. Read more.

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NXP Smarter World Podcast

Join us as we dive deep into the issues behind today's connected world and explore our scalable solutions for our digitally-enhanced environment.