MPC5606B 3-phase BLDC Development Kit

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Block Diagram

3-phase Sensorless BLDC Development Kit with NXP MPC5606B

3-phase Sensorless BLDC Development Kit with NXP MPC5606B

Supported Devices


Automotive LIN Solutions

Power Management


Processors and Microcontrollers

Ultra-Reliable MPC56xx MCUs



  • 32-bit NXP MPC5606B controller board

Power Management

  • 3-phase low-voltage power stage based on SMARTMOS® MC33937A pre-driver
  • Supports low-voltage BLDC motors
  • DC-bus overvoltage, overcurrent, and undervoltage fault detection

Software and Support

  • FreeMASTER visualization/configuration support
  • ANSI-C based motor control reference software with easy portability
  • Extensive documentation for software and hardware


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