AWS Libraries for S32K3


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AWS Libraries Architecture

AWS Libraries Architecture

S32K3 Software Ecosystem Using AWS

S32K3 Software Ecosystem using AWS



  • Secure connection to AWS IoT Core or AWS Greengrass core devices
  • Send messages to AWS Cloud via MQTT

Data Management

  • Publish device data to AWS Libraries
  • Offload data analysis into the cloud using AWS services
  • Leverage artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML) in the cloud


  • Secure connectivity to AWS Cloud
  • Collect and publish device metrics to AWS Cloud
  • Identify anomalies using AWS Device Defender

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

  • Receive firmware update for the device via MQTT by using AWS OTA agent
  • Leverage AWS OTA campaign management
  • Integrated with OTA hardware capabilities

Ease of Use

  • Integrated with existing NXP software ecosystem
  • Includes examples for getting started with connecting the board to AWS services

Supported Devices

  • S32K3: S32K3 Microcontrollers for Automotive General Purpose

System Requirements



  • Debugging and Visualization Tools

    Automotive Software Package Manager

  • Development IDEs and Build Tools

    S32 Design Studio 3.4 – Windows/Linux

  • Software Development Resources

    S32K3 Standard Software

  • Software Development Resources

    S32K3 Reference Software

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