Vision Toolbox for MATLAB®


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Automotive General Block Diagram

 Automotive General Block Diagram


  • Seamless integration with MATLAB environment for easy vision application development, simulations and target running support
  • Generate code for Linux based applications with direct download to target support
  • Built-in support for IO functions to control onboard camera and display
  • Integrated NXP Software:
    • Vision SDK – includes ISP and APEX kernels
    • Linux board support package for A53 core development
    • NXP APU Compiler
    • Arm® Compiler
  • Support A53 and APEX programming directly from MATLAB m-scripting
  • Includes collaterals providing convenient access to manuals, tool guides, how-to videos and application notes
  • Example projects demonstrating ISP and APEX functionalities based on Mathworks Computer Vision System Toolbox examples

Supported Devices

  • S32V234: S32V2 Processors for Vision, Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion



  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    Vision SDK Software

  • Debugging and Visualization Tools

    Vision Toolbox for MATLAB - Windows

Note: For better experience, software downloads are recommended on desktop.


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