Inter-Platform Communication Framework (IPCF)


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IPCF Architecture Block Diagram

IPCF Architecture Block Diagram

Automotive General Block Diagram

 Automotive General Block Diagram



  • Contains the communication driver over shared memory supporting AUTOSAR, FreeRTOS, and bare-metal.
  • Supported by S32 Design Studio with S32 Configuration Tool
  • Release based on Real-Time Drivers (RTD) software
  • Sample applications available demonstrating a ping-pong message communication


  • Shared memory generic implementation that is hardware and operating system agnostic
  • Hardware abstraction component: abstraction over various HW IP modules (MSCM, INTC …)
  • Operating system abstraction component: OS agnostic API for common OS services

Supported Devices

  • S32G3: S32G3 Processors for Vehicle Networking
  • S32K3: S32K3 Microcontrollers for Automotive General Purpose
  • S32R45: S32R45 High-Performance Processor for Imaging Radar
  • S32G2: S32G2 Processors for Vehicle Networking
  • S32K39-37: S32K39/37/36 Microcontrollers for Electrification Applications


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