Model-Based Design Toolbox (MBDT)

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Automotive General Block Diagram

 Automotive General Block Diagram



  • Comprehensive free-of-charge build toolchain for embedded applications, targeting NXP microcontrollers.
  • Generate code capabilities for standalone application with direct download to target support
  • Out-of-the-box applications for a wide set of MCU peripherals
  • On-target profiling of functions and tasks
  • Optimized motor control library blocks including Park/Clarke transforms, digital filters, and general functions
  • I/O blocks including CAN, SPI, PIT timer, Sine Wave Generation, eTimer, PWM, and A/D
  • Embedded Coder® seamless integration, including SIL and PIL test
  • RAppID Boot Loader utility built-in support for direct code download to the target MCU
  • NXP FreeMASTER built-in support, providing visibility into the target MCU for algorithm calibration and tuning, making it ideal for advanced control systems and those required by motor control development, with monitor signals in real-time on the embedded target, data logging, signal capture, and parameter tuning.
  • Bootloader utility for programming application in flash

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  • Simulation and Modeling Tools

    Automotive SW - Model-Based Design Toolbox

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