RAppID Initialization for Power Architecture

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Automotive General Block Diagram

 Automotive General Block Diagram


System Features

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Comprehensive initialization of the CPU, memory and peripherals
  • Automatic DMA register setting from peripherals for basic modes
  • Built-in consistency checks to minimize incorrect settings
  • Automatic report generation of settings
  • Efficient C and assembly code generation for compilers from companies such as Wind River®, Green Hills® and NXP®
  • ANSI- or MISRA-compliant code and supporting header files
  • Online documentation and built-in tool tips
  • Provisions for revision management
  • Automatic date and time stamps on generated code and reports
  • Enhanced register viewer—browse registers by peripheral
  • Modular code generation—generate code for any or all peripherals
  • Project import/export capability for distributed development teams
  • Ability to define multiple initialization strategies and chose either runtime or compile time for execution
  • Full eTPU host initialization and code image download
  • Ability to register custom eTPU functions and assign channels
  • Wizards for eMIOS initialization and function settings

Supported Devices

  • MPC5534: 32-bit MCU for Low-End Automotive Powertrain Applications
  • MPC5553: 32-bit MCU for Automotive Powertrain Applications
  • MPC5554: 32-bit MCU for Powertrain Applications
  • MPC5561: 32-bit MCU for Automotive ADAS Applications
  • MPC5566: 32-bit MCU for Automotive Powertrain Applications
  • MPC5567: 32-bit MCU for Auto Powertrain Applications


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